Drug Abuse Awareness-December Activity

Drug Abuse Awareness-December Activity

Muzon Elementary School supports the project of the National Drug Education Program (NDEP)  regarding drug abuse and prevention.

We held a training for the grades  4 and grades 6 students regarding drug abuse and prevention, through the help of our  SPG Officers and our own Health and 4P’s coordinator, Mrs. Loida G. Cruz.

First, they watched  a short film  about a teenager  who finds himself unloved and bullied by his classmate and find  comfort from his friends who taught him to use drugs and drink liquor, but at the end of the story he realized that the friends that whom you find happiness and pleasure from these harmful things is the one who could bring you also in danger and the reason why his father killed by their boss in accusing him that he is the one who calls a police to arrest him. After this, another presentation that explained the harmful effects in using these drugs.

Next, a discussion  was made by asking what they’ve learned  the presentation and their insights regarding the message that we would to impart. A lecture was done by Mrs. Loida G. Cruz by showing a picture of the different kinds of drugs that we need to  be aware with and ways that on how to avoid it. She also emphasize that in everything we do, we are the one who decide and it is always our own choice. So when we decide we need to look that it is always right and we need to think first.

Lastly, after that  lecture, we encourage them to have an  open quorum wherein they were all welcome to  ask question and at the same time if they have any insight and some experience about it  they can answer. They learned a lot and they realized that in all that we do, we need to think many times first before making a choice.

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