Drug Abuse Awareness-December Activity

Muzon Elementary School supports the project of the National Drug Education Program (NDEP)  regarding drug abuse and prevention.

We held a training for the grades  4 and grades 6 students regarding drug abuse and prevention, through the help of our  SPG Officers and our own Health and 4P’s coordinator, Mrs. Loida G. Cruz.

First, they watched  a short film  about a teenager  who finds himself unloved and bullied by his classmate and find  comfort from his friends who taught him to use drugs and drink liquor, but at the end of the story he realized that the friends that whom you find happiness and pleasure from these harmful things is the one who could bring you also in danger and the reason why his father killed by their boss in accusing him that he is the one who calls a police to arrest him. After this, another presentation that explained the harmful effects in using these drugs.

Next, a discussion  was made by asking what they’ve learned  the presentation and their insights regarding the message that we would to impart. A lecture was done by Mrs. Loida G. Cruz by showing a picture of the different kinds of drugs that we need to  be aware with and ways that on how to avoid it. She also emphasize that in everything we do, we are the one who decide and it is always our own choice. So when we decide we need to look that it is always right and we need to think first.

Lastly, after that  lecture, we encourage them to have an  open quorum wherein they were all welcome to  ask question and at the same time if they have any insight and some experience about it  they can answer. They learned a lot and they realized that in all that we do, we need to think many times first before making a choice.




Partnerships at any level help to inject excitement into your classroom and provide opportunities to share best practice principals from across the world.

Having a partner school can:

  • Can give perspectives on the world outside your immediate community
  • Give an insight into what it is like to live in other country
  • Increase cultural awareness within your class
  • Teach your class about global issues within your class
  • Teach your class about issues in a safe, stable environment
  • Help your students challenge the stereotypes
  • Develop ICT and language skills within the classroom

II. Presentation

In regards with school-to-school partnership, we are so grateful to be part of this program and to be with Longos National High School as our Leader School, headed by Mr. Juanito H. Gayola and their SBM Coordinator, Ms. Leizl M. Busmeon.

Our project title is 2TOK BASA (Tulong-tulong sa Pag-Oorganisa ng Kaalaman
sa Pagbasa). We come up to focus on reading based on the Literacy Level that shows that in Muzon Elementary School as the partner school has 22 out of 140 or approximately 16% Grades 2 and 3 pupils were identified as non-readers while 144 Grades 4 to 6 pupils fall under frustration level based on the result of the Oral Reading Inventory conducted in June 2016. The cumulative effect of this number could be alarming if not promptly addressed.

The 2TOK BASA is a school-based reading enhancement program which aims to develop the reading ability of pupils with reading difficulties in Filipino (L1), specifically focused on phonemic awareness and vocabulary development.

We emphasize it because we know that reading is the foundation on which all learning occurs. A child’s reading level at the end of grade two can predict, with great accuracy, their future literacy skill and overall educational success.

Through the partnership of elementary and secondary school heads, the program is purposely designed to help learners gain basic skills in reading that will boost their confidence so that they may actively engage  themselves in day-to-day learning process. This 4-month long program will provide the striving readers with additional time on task with a mentor, one-on-one, for strengthening and building upon the daily instruction they receive from their classroom teachers.

The objective of our project is:  first, engage the learners in interactive reading wherein they can comprehend independently and lastly is to decrease the number of non-readers in Grades 2 and 3 as well as the number of students under frustration level in Grades 4 to 6.

The orientation of the 17 teachers of Muzon Elementary School was conducted by Mr. Juanito H. Gayola last October 21, 2016.

The Capability Training last November 19, 2016, became fruitful and enjoyable which was ffacilitated by our very own Mrs. Lederma De Guzman, the author of the book entitled “Tayo Na at Magbasa Gamit ang Marungko”, the training gave the teachers a “hands-on, minds on” experience as they personally met the reading guru of the Division of Malabon City.  She also emphasized that a teacher should possessed the beatitudes “beautiful attitudes” and loving the children.

Capability Training Phase 2 was facilitated by Ms. Beatriz M. Academia last December 05, 2016. She is one of the awardees in the Division of Malabon City by her expertise in reading, wherein her pupils in Grade 1 is already a reader in both Filipino and English. She shared her styles and techniques in teaching for almost 26 years and she emphasized that a good communication can create a good learning.

The acquisition of materials is already distributed to the Partner School (Muzon Elementary School) by the Leader School (Longos National High School) by ensuring that the materials needed is really provided based on the budget that supposed to be it can help their school a lot but they sacrificed and willingly donate it to help us to sustain the reading program we had for our pupils. We feel their compassion and the sincerity in assisting us in terms of resources and word of wisdom. We want to extend our gratitude to this program for giving us a chance to be part of it, because we undergo trainings and at the same time we grow. To our Leader School for sharing the knowledge, your best practices and by providing all the materials and trainings we undergo. No words can express the feelings we feel.

III. Reflection

One of the messages that marks on us is  from our school head, Mrs. Virgie P.  Mondido is that “ no man is an island”, that’s why we have the school-to-school partnership and the 3C’s of Mr. Juanito H. Gayola, that in order to success in partnership, there should have a commitment, good communication and  collaboration.

Best Practices and Accomplishments


Every school has the capability to improve their performance each year. Pupils/ Students are the number one beneficiaries on any improvement made. Our school, always make sure for the security and wellness of every pupils/students. One of the best practices in our school is the Reading Program. Yearly, each school conduct a Phil-Iri in Filipino and English. By that we can identify who really needs the help in reading. There is a reading contest in English which aim to decrease the number of pupils who are under frustrations and non-reader. We fully support this program and made a schedule of in-class and pull-out session headed by the English and reading teachers. We believe that those students can improve themselves through teachers help. Fortunately, as we conduct the programs up to the time for examination of those pupils, Muzon Elementary School successfully meets it task to decrease number of pupils under frustration and non-reader level in English reading. We are happy not just by being candidate of said contest in reading but also for the teachers who give their time and believe for the improvement of those pupils.

Aside from the reading program, we also have supports coming from LGU’s and other stakeholders. Our GPTA 2016-2017 helps improve the school field with the help of our beloved Mayor Antolin A. Oreta III. Another help comes from our new School Partner, first is the Rotary Club of Malabon Chapter. They have donated 2 sets of computer and 2 printers for reading and library purposes. They also celebrated their 100thanniversary inside our school with Jollibee Party theme and make our Grade 1 pupils as their beneficiaries. Second partner is the Food for the Hungry, they supported our United Nations Celebration last November and provide the needs for the said event. Our school has good relationship with our LGU partners and stakeholders that is willing to help improve the school and somehow provide needs of our beloved pupils.

Andres Bonifacio Day


Muzon Elementary School celebrates the “Andres Bonifacio Day” last December 01, 2016 at Muzon, Malabon City.

Andrés Bonifacio y de Castro (November 30, 1863 – May 10, 1897) was a Filipino revolutionary leader and the president of the Tagalog Republic. He is often called “The Great Plebeian” and “The Father of the Philippine Revolution”. He was one of the founders and later Supremo (Supreme Leader) of the Kataas-taasan, Kagalanggalangang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayanor simply and more popularly called Katipunan, a movement which sought the independence of the Philippines from Spanish colonial rule and started the Philippine Revolution.[2][3] He is considered a de facto national hero of the Philippines,[4] and is also considered by some Filipino historians to be the first President of the Philippines (through the revolutionary government he established), but officially he is not recognized as such. Andrés Bonifacio was born in Tondo, Manila, the son of Charles Gatbunton Y Bonifacio, a native of Taguig, and Catalina de Castro, a native of Iba, Zambales. He was the eldest of six children. His siblings were Ciriaco, Procopio, Troadio, Esperidiona and Maxima. His father was a tailor who served in the colonial government as a teniente mayor of Tondo, Manila, while his mother was a supervisor at a cigarette factory in Manila and was a mestiza born of a Spanish father and a Filipino-Chinese mother. As was custom during that time, upon baptism he was named after the saint on whose feast day he was born, Andrew the Apostle. In 1892 Bonifacio was one of the founding members of José Rizal’s La Liga Filipina, an organization which called for political reforms in Spain’s colonial government of the Philippines. However, La Liga disbanded after only one meeting as Rizal was arrested and deported to Dapitan in Mindanao. Bonifacio, Apolinario Mabini and others revived La Liga in Rizal’s absence and Bonifacio was active at organizing local chapters in Manila. He would become the chief propagandist of the revived Liga.

La Liga Filipina contributed moral and financial support to the Propaganda Movement of Filipino reformists in Spain.

Andrés Bonifacio was also a member of Freemasonry with the lodge Taliba headed by Jose Dizon; and his pseudonym was Sinukuan, possibly taken from a Philippine mythological character Maria Sinukuan


So, we in Muzon Elementary School make sure that our students knew who Andres Bonifacio is and the things he made, to be one of our National Hero through a video presentation. As they watched the video, they showed an interest and they were eager to know him more. A question  asked after the presentation to check their understanding on how his life become fruitful and productive.


Lastly, they’ve learned that strength and being brave is not enough to achieve what you want but the dedication and commitment between you and your country is the best armor that you had, as Andres Bonifaciio is that he is willing to give his life for us to be free from the hands of the Spaniards. He is really a true hero for his words and deeds and that is one of our Filipino prides.